Wedding Month: The Look

June 15, 2012


(Although a cute idea, the news paper headline for the day is a little too funny)

The question of the dress was quite different than any other wedding necessity. I know many girls dream of their wedding from a young age, yet this was not me at all. I may have wanted a ring, but that was the beginning and the end of my dream, and this desire started somewhere after graduating from college, and not a day before. The idea of having to find a dress was scary. I approached each aspect of the wedding with complete ease and had no trouble sticking to the budget, since I really didn’t care if my invitations were on paper with expensive ridges or not. The dress however was uncharted territory. I went to two stores to be exact. First was Monique Lhuillier, because they had a sample sale coming up and mom was going to be out of town so we had to figure out what we did and didn’t like. Second was David’s Bridal, because mom wanted to see what the other options were. I will admit that David’s Bridal may not have been the best choice of comparison, but it was close to the house and therefore convenient. After David’s Bridal, I pretty much knew (prayed) that I’d get something at the sample sale.
The sample sale was on a Saturday at 10 a.m. in downtown Los Angeles. However, it was recommended we get in line the night before. In mother’s absence, Dmitry and I came to the sample sale at 4 a.m. and joined the eight other sad souls. At 10 a.m. we were finally allowed in, and I found myself staring at the same dress that mom had pulled off the rack at the actual store in Beverly Hills. It wasn’t exactly part of the budget, but on this particular item I did care about the ridges.


The Wedding Shoes were the last thing I bought, and thank god, because otherwise I had every intention of wearing sneakers. Do you remember that scene in “Father of the Bride”?


Taking a few minutes before heading to the venue.


The roof top of the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. Remember in “Pretty Woman” Julia Roberts hangs off the balcony and says “look no hands no hands”. Sadly, that balcony and suite were actually the taping in a studio and not at the hotel.


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