Devil in a Blue Dress

June 29, 2012


Dress: H&M (current), Shoes: Vera Wang (old), Bag: Unknown, Sunnies: Prada, Jewelry: Chanel, David Yurman, John Hardy, Judith Ripka, and J Crew.

Beauty fans everywhere know that sometimes an item that has sat in the closet for decades without a specific job duty, may finally find itself in the position of an essential accessory. This bag was created by the talented hands of Mexican women, who sold these fantastic creations on the side of the road. While on vacation several years ago, I grabbed this bag without any concern for what it would be used for, and for that very reason, it found itself lonely and abandoned while moving from floor corner to top shelf. On this day however, its fate would change. I was getting ready to head out to a car show in Beverly Hills when I realized I didn’t have a pale color bag to match my dress. It took several long looks until I finally saw this darling old friend waving it’s handles and begging to be taken along. While moving my junk from yesterday’s bag into this one, I noticed a scarf that I had long ago forgotten which matched the dress perfectly. Adding the scarf to the bag and tying it into a bow, the look had come together.






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